We Just Can't Get Enough....

We just can't get enough of your amazing support on the Pledge Music Campaign. You all have done such an amazing job pledging, sharing and being part of this journey. I am going into the studio this month to record the EP, but the journey isn't over. The campaign is extended until May 5th because we're so close to the goal that I know we can do it together! 

I figured I could help explain Pledge Music, just in case you need a refresher or you want to send to someone else. 

SO HOW DOES PLEDGEMUSIC, that link you share, WORK? This is my first campaign so I had the same question. PledgeMusic is a crowdfunding platform designed for musicians to help raise funds to record and release their albums and everything in between. The funds are raised by fans (you) purchasing and of the items or experiences and that money goes into making this album. 

SO WHAT EXACTLY DOES A "PLEDGE" MEAN? That's a great question! A pledge is almost like a donation, except you're not just "donating" to a great cause, you actually get something (tangible!) in return. You can choose from some fantastic exclusives like signed CD/vinyl, buttons, matches, stickers...a game of pool with me...and so much more. More importantly, you are an integral part of and reason why a piece of music will exist.

IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO TO HELP? Share share share! The best support can also be spreading the word. I truly thank you for your time and support. It means the world to me.

Here's the link: www.pledgemusic.com/leahblevins

Leah Blevins